Thursday, April 05, 2007

Feather Boa

So, last night I went on a date with the drag queen. He brought along his manager. It was not a success.

I text Lee about this, looking for solace. "You're doing it just for your blog," he replies.


Lippy said...

Well if it was the same drag queen me and the AB met in Balans (Old Compton St one, Charring X Rd End) last Tuesday he was very pretty.

AB was swift to point out that not only was he prettier than me he was way better at putting on make up - ten year olds are so harsh!

Skip said...

Bless you.

It was such an awkward experience. Oddly like a job interview. I felt like telling the manager, "Your client wasn't so dismissive when he was on his knees last week."