Sunday, April 08, 2007

Joy of Horror

Quite the scariest, spookiest thing I've ever seen was Lars von Trier's The Kingdom (not the wobbly Stephen King remake, but the original). So unsettling it can only be watched on a warm summer's day with the curtains open. My only problem with it was that it ended on a cliffhanger - and the sequel's never been released in the UK on DVD (and the deleted VHS is impossible to find).

But god bless the ebay - it's been released in Denmark, has English subtitles, and some love's been importing it. He's sold me a copy for £7. So I finally get to find out what happens to poor Eleanor Druse.


Nicholas said...

I thought Riget was brilliant! Saw it on DVD a couple of months ago. The Stepehn King version was crap. I gave up before the end. Stig is me hero! "Danish Scum!"

There's a lot I want to read in your blog, so you've been bookmarked!


Skip said...

I quite agree about Stig. The whole show is full of amazing anti-heroes. I love it all. The most feel-good unsettling telly ever.

Anyway - thanks so much for visiting! :)