Monday, April 16, 2007

Meme Tagging

Not something I understand, but Fawkes asked so nicely. And it's Thursday, I'm waiting for my date to turn up. I'm trying to pretend i'm not drunk. Plus the nicorette patch has started to sting.

Seven Songs I Like (In no particular order):

  1. Mack The Knife - Ella Fitzgerald - cos she gets it wrong. So wrong that it falls apart around her, and she carries on, laughing and never dropping a beat.
  2. Sinnerman - Nina Simone. Oh, she was mad, but she's your go-to-gal if you want a 14 minute spiritual.
  3. Your Disco Needs You - Kylie Minogue. Ah. I remember falling in love with this when I thought it was an obscure bit of euro pop.
  4. Seasons in the Sun - Alcazar. Talking of obscure bits of euro pop. They take the Nana Mouskouri classic. and they sing it out of tune. Bless them.
  5. Downtown - Petula Clark. You know all the words. You just haven't realised it yet.
  6. Baby One More Time - Britney Spears. The only song I would ever sing at Karaoke. But doing my slow, deep Paul Robeson impression.
  7. Jerusalem - The only song to sing walking home drunk through the rain.


6 Weird things/Habits About Myself:

  1. I refuse to admit I'm getting short-sighted - but I don't stop going on about it. Honestly - why does my vision improve rapidly after a vodka? Everything's in focus. And yes, the men are prettier.
  2. I have to be introduced to people before I can talk to them. Unless we're about to die. Or shag.
  3. I always go to bed with an empty bottle beside it. It's cos my flatmate spends an hour in the bog in the morning with a cup of tea and a slice of toast, and boys just can't wait that long to wee. I hate myself sometimes.
  4. When I'm really really drunk and don't want to show it, I start jiggling my knees.
  5. I don't forgive. Not even myself.
  6. I can only exercise to Radio 4. Unless its jogging, in which case it's cheesy club tunes or nothin'


Steve said...

You have so got to get your eyes sorted. If EastEnders is teaching us anything at the moment, it's that. Plus, and I speak from experience, you miss out on so many opportunities when you can't see that you're being flirted with from that special someone at the end of the bar. It gets even worse when it's pointed out to you and you turn 'round and have to squint to see who it is. Imagine being on the end of that sort of face?

If you can't stand the idea of glasses (and I think they would kind of suit you), there's always contacts (the lenses, not the mags) or Lasik. Although the latter makes me think too much about The Long Game... click

Skip said...

I got my eyes lasered years ago - it was fine, I'm just disappointed that I may have to do it again.

The turning point for me years ago was pulling a pretty bloke and then losing him in the cloakroom queue as he'd gone out of focus.

Weirdly, my sight's got so much better now i've moved out of Wales.