Friday, August 05, 2005


Well. I've checked again and my plan for a detoxing, booze-free week doesn't appear to include last night's 11 hour post-work boozer. Surely a silly ommission on my part.

But how marvellous. An evening of delightful company, including cameo appearances from a TV executive trying to mix drugs and a relationship crisis, the controller of London's theaterland and a professional magician. I have dim memories of making quite serious plays for two exes and a straight man who turned out to be beautiful from a distance, but a drunk fool close-up.

But how marvellously random the evening was. Although I would appear to have smoked some cigarettes. Probably just to prove a point.

And today, I feel marvellous. Invincible. Dangerous. And just a little broken. I've got to be careful.

Caught myself beginnning a Very Important Work Email with, "Actually, I think the problem is that you're not a very nice person..."


SL&V said...

That was to me wasn't it?

Skip said...

No. You're problem isn't that you're not nice. It's something far darker...