Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Brother:Anthony and Craig

The great thing about Big Brother is that it's like a party that you can turn up to, as late as you like, and there's still stuff happening.

This year, it appears to be the unrequited lust between Craig (ghastly gay mooncalf) and Ant (oblivious straight fencepost).

ANT: Straight Vole. &  CRAIG: Gay Vulture

Last night's show closed with them in the hot tub:

CRAIG: Don't hold it against me. Don't hold it against me.

ANT: I won't hold it against you.

CRAIG: Good. Cos I don't want you to hold it against me.

(It is obvious that he'd really like Anthony to hold it against him, rather firmly)

ANT: Ok.

CRAIG falls forward into hot tub. ANT places his hands on his shoulders, holding him
under the water. And begins to count. Slowly.


Or was it?


Bob said...

Once they're out of the house, Craig is totally moving to Newcastle until Ant slaps a restraining order on him.

Skip said...

I can't help thinking "Was I that mad at 20?"

em said...

ugh... stalker or not, Craig needs help - Ant is minging!