Friday, August 19, 2005

Edinburgh Festivalities

Arrived in a mad whirl. Within half an hour I was having coffee with Elvis impersonators, while my friend Kate explains how well her show's going.

There are lots of people, mostly actors wearing their hearts on their sleeves. I managed to see two comedy shows (Chris Addison and Robin Ince, both brilliant), get slightly drunk with the cast of a disastrous vaudeville show, and then spent the entire night being treated *very roughly* by a sexy radio producer with a voice like gravel and arms like steel.

Am in a gorgeous apartment above a gay knocking shop. Enjoyed it terribly last year, and this year it promises just as entertaining. My room's just been vacated by a drag queen (not a spare lipstick in sight). One alarming touch was when the manager said "There's the DVD player - we've got loads of porn down in reception. Just pop down if you feel like using any."


The deep joy is that my terribly straight friend Rick is turning up today to stay on my floor for a couple of nights. I haven't yet told him about my unique accomodation.

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haaaaanggoverrr ha ha said...

Did Rick hide in the corner chain smoking and mumbling something uninteligible..